AWRC Pro 9.3.9_

Audit and Help Remote Computers


  • Lots of features and does not need any install on the remote machine.


    Audit and Help Remote Computers

    Manage, audit and help servers and workstations from your local computer. No need to install any software on the remote computer and does not leave any traces there. Particularly useful for accessing remote machines without any previous preparation, allowing to do virtually anything on them thanks to its amazing assortment of tools.

    Comprehensive system information, Programs and Updates, Hardware Devices, Processes, Services, Physical Memory Viewer, Network Information, File System handling including Zip and Unzip, and much much more.

    There are many remote control software but this one presents the most features and is the only one able to run without installing any software on the remote computer.

    Helpdesk Personnel, Consulting technicians, Security experts school and universities and even at home.

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    AWRC Pro


    AWRC Pro 9.3.9_

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      AWRC Pro.
      Using the software since 2004 (earlier incarnation). Use it everyday. Recommending for help within a ...   More